The Team

Our technicians are the best in the industry with the credentials to prove it. Every technician at our company holds at least 1 certification by NATE. (For a list of credentials and information on NATE, please visit

Chris Anderson, the owner and operator of the company currently holds ALL NATE certifications available today. He passes this knowledge onto his technicians on a weekly basis during his in-house training classes that all personnel are required to attend.

Some brief history about the owner:

Mr. Anderson started in the heating and air conditioning business a few years after high school. He came from the automotive background installing alarm systems, remote starters, and performance accessories. Shortly after his career change, he began performing air duct cleanings for one of the largest companies on the east end. Within his 1st year he began to learn the technical aspects of the business and went on to many different trade schools and training classes to become the top performing technician of his co-workers.

After mastering his technical skills and gaining all the certifications available, his employer was bought out by a large corporation located in Richardson, Texas. Noticing the new corporate policy changes affecting everything from the environment to the co-workers and the management, he made the decision to leave his originating company.

Striving to reach the goals he set for himself, Chris returned to his original company a few years later. This time as Service Manager where he trained, coached, and operated more than 12 technicians at this company while handling the high expectations of customers in the east end. During this 2 year period, the company expanded to meet a very high level of customer satisfaction.

Chris still felt the unneeded pressures from working for a corporate company. Higher aboves were changing things for the worse and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Despite Chris’s hard work to keep the company going and the customers happy, he was too restricted by others to expand the business and bring the company to the next level of customer satisfaction. It was time to part ways, yet again.

Chris then found the answer. It was to start a new company where the possibilities were endless and he would be in complete control of it’s destiny. He could now offer customers the best experience possible, at a lower price. And so was the beginning of Anderson Air.

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